Scan Line Transmit Relay

by In Darkness There is Light

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"I've always been fascinated by the unpredictable and its influence on creativity.
Chance possesses the ability to enhance or destroy.
The texture here consists of a collection of separate experiments which have been re-versioned into one (hopefully) coherent theme.
Featuring a combination of live synth improvisation and personal field recordings contorted through a variety of effects, the piece owes as much to chance as it does to any pre-determined notion of thought or planning.
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal... always unpredictable.
Best enjoyed on headphones with the lights off.
I hope you enjoy the journey."
Jason Courtney (IDTIL), 2016


"Hey, you know you'll never believe it. I'm right over the edge of Orientale. I just looked down and saw the light flash again." Ronald Evans, Command Module Pilot, Apollo 17

Arell is proud to present In Darkness There is Light's 'Scan Line Transmit Relay', a (just shy of) 30 minute epic deep space adventure. 'Scan Line...' is infused with the enthusiasm and awe of mankind's first explorations of space. However, it isn't all space-race-optimism. There is a sinister twist. HAL, The Event Horizon and Captain Pinbacker all reside here and transmissions with unknown origins puncture the surface. This music has no nostalgia and instead looks ever outward. This is music for going Beyond the Infinite.


released July 1, 2016



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Arell England, UK

Arell is a label based on some simple ideas.
We release albums and EPs compiled as single tracks (so the music is experienced as the artists intended) and downloaded via a code printed on the back of a unique black & white postcard. With each new release a library of diverse music and a gallery of textured black and white imagery will begin to form. ... more

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